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About Us

United Equipment Rentals (U E R ) is a division of the Bucket Shop Group of Companies , located in Timmins Ontario. This division commenced operations in 1995 when the owner, Ross Woodward started out with a single rental unit, a rubber tired loader equipped for the loading of wood chips. Over the years as our offerings expanded we focused around the specialty needs of contractors in the mining and  forestry sectors.

U E R provides specific pieces of construction equipment, for short and long term rental that have not been customarily available in Timmins. Initially these pieces were wide pad dozers complete with winches, sweeps and guarding for bush application. Because these were  ” specific use machines ” not all contractors could justify the capital investment to own such units. As a result we became recognized as a specialty house in this field. This allowed customers to fill their needs by renting these tractors, whether for a week ,month or extended term.

Today, our expanded rental equipment line-up is primarily current vintage, low hour Caterpillar ,but most importantly maintained to a very stringent code of conditioning as set down by our own U E R  mandates. Our philosophy of scheduled preventative maintenance , component change- out before failure , scheduled oil analysis and the use of only Chevron synthetic lubricants is what makes the condition of our equipment unique. If it is in our fleet you can be assured that it has been treated by this credo throughout its life , thus our ability to provide optimum uptime from everything we send to the field.

We are proud of our state of the art maintenance facility ,our management and maintenance personnel and mobile field support team, all of which take the performance of every piece very personal.

Our President, Ross Woodward , started his working career as a licensed  heavy equipment mechanic and as a result has a very keen knowledge of the mechanical side of equipment. It is through his knowledge and beliefs that we have built such high priorities into our maintenance and  the “state of condition” into every piece we own.

Within this site package we proudly display every unit within our fleet along with specifications . Contact us today toll free at 1-800-461-9823, we would be pleased to fulfill your next temporary equipment requirement.